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3 Jul

 Some rooms take my breath away. This is one of those rooms. It’s a wonderfully dreamy combination of abstract art, modern and traditional furnishings, a big dose of that bright white Scandinavian light, and a ravishing color palette. I’d love to dress the way this room looks. And I also kind of want to eat it up because it reminds me of candy. Basically, this room is a feast for the senses.

xo Cristina



3 Mar

Fireplaces add value to a home. Just watch any real estate show, “ooh it has a fireplace.” But what do you do with it the 360 days of the year that do not warrant hot cocoa by a blazing fire (364 here in Texas)?

Geode. Boom. Solved it. 

xo C


9 Feb

interiors design living room layered rugs keliminteriors design layered rugs kelim

In my dream bohemian beach house, this would be my flooring of choice.  
This also works for the (big) part of me that can never choose just one – I’ll take ’em all!

Check out the kilim rug I chose for a mid-century romantic dining room over on Camille Styles!

xo C


18 Jan
Bar carts are everywhere these days (chalk it up to Mad Men mania) but this is the first bar cart as night stand I’ve seen – brilliant!
Rue Mag Danielle Moss Jan 2012
Beautiful snapshots, all taken by Stoffer Photography
Rue Mag Danielle Moss Jan 2012
The perfect neutral couch, in my opinion the best starting off point for a well-designed living room

Rue Mag Danielle Moss January 2012

It was a big day for two of the blogs I contribute to: the January issue of Rue launched today, as expertly edited by Cass Lavalle of coco+kelley. AND Camille of Camille Styles was featured in it! Her beautiful home was also featured on Glitter Guide, big day right?

As you may have guessed this home is fresh out of the new Rue. And though you may have seen me tweeting about the much-appreciated manly design inspo in the magazine (very hard to find!) I then went and fell head over heels for this supremely feminine space – go figure. Blame it on the usual culprits, pink and gold details sprinkled throughout the home, from the bedroom the workspace and even the kitchen!

And my favorite part?

The pintuck comforter (pictured) which I got for Christmas! I was really torn between the light grey and the white, and that last photo sealed the deal on the white for me… almost. (Still love the grey)

xoxo Cristina


23 Jun

interiors eric cohler living room art 3
interiors eric cohler living room art 1

interiors eric cohler living room art
interiors eric cohler living room art 2

The first thing I see when I look at a room is the art, so imagine my glee in staring at this living room by Eric Cohler! Art everywhere. Even over the windows! My little art collection so far consists of 5 paintings, but it’s my dream that one day my home will be filled with this much art. Large format paintings mixed with black and white photography and traditional paintings, love it all. 
And how bout that couch?


12 Apr
One task which I am truly hopeless at is hanging artwork. I’m too embarrassed to say how many paintings and picture frames I have leaning up against the wall waiting to be hung ……. (I can see 4 from where I’m sitting). Sadly, it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever have the patience and precision to hang 16 album covers in perfectly neat rows of 4, ever. 
That is just one of the many reasons I love the way one large piece of artwork can dress up a room.
 One statement piece can bring a big hit of color and create a focal point in a room, for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have the ultimate focal point – a fireplace. This photo below reminds me of the Bondi Icebergs here in Sydney, so I’m thinking of taking my own photo of the Icebergs and creating a similar look in my home. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own work hung on the wall? Far more personal and major bragging points. Now, just have to master the simple art of photography…

source: thedecorista

INTERIORS:: Rockstar + Designer

30 Mar
Love the orange accents

I suppose a handsome rockstar and a Brazilian designer are bound to have a killer pad. They met in college at Brown and RISD (just like Seth and Summer! – sorry I’ve been watching OC re-runs) 
After graduating, their fates take them to New York where he writes numerous songs about her (all of which, I confess, I know by heart), and both live happily ever after. Until, that is, they break up. But, as the screenplay (and eager audience) demands, they meet again in Rome and fall back in love. “

Clearly, next they acquired a sweet art collection and combined their design sensibilities to create this styling home. Le sigh…