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In the Details:: OOTD with ONecklace

1 Aug
For today’s outfit post I wanted to focus on the details. The tassels on my (borrowed) boots, the criss crossed back of my summer dress, and my most worn pieces of the summer: my necklaces. The top necklace is of a tiny pave hamsa hand, but I’ve had friends mistake it for a corn on the cob so yunno, eye of the beholder and such. It’s so tiny actually that I lost this necklace for a couple months, and when I found it in a pocket I was beyond thrilled and haven’t taken it off since. The bottom necklace is new this summer, and likewise I haven’t taken it off since I received it. I think we’re all familiar with the Carrie element of this necklace. 
Pieces with a moniker or monogram are a fun way to add personal meaning to your look. It’s kind of like how people say “if I get a tattoo I want it to have meaning.”*  This necklace is kind of like that, except, less permanent. 
Not only is this my last name, it is also my nickname from a special friend of mine, so Cleveland is totally apropos. If you’d like your own version of The Cleveland, but with your name, of course, this one’s 24 karat gold plated and surprisingly good quality. Many thanks to ONecklace for sending this little nugget to be a part of my collection! You know how I love my layered necklaces.

dress American Apparel / shoes vintage / hamsa hand necklace Austin street markets / name necklace ONecklace
xoxo Cristina

*Why do people always utter this phrase in a proud tone? As if all who’ve gone before them had said “I’ll have a tattoo please, no meaning thanks.”



PICNIC WEEK on CamilleStyles

27 Jul

Hey dear reader, what do you have planned for this weekend? It was picnic week all week long on CamilleStyles so you better believe I’m inspired to pack up a pretty little basket and head to Zilker Park for a day date – I’m thinking wine, cheese, cold fruits, a sun hat… These images are from my own picnic-inspired post for CamilleStyles, hop over if you’d like the details and sources!

I’m going on my family vacation starting next Monday so I’ve written a to do list of what I need to get done before I leave, and that list includes writing 26 blog posts (with my blog, the 3 blogs I contribute to, plus my work blog) so… I highly doubt a picnic is in the cards for me. Boo. Please let me know if any of you are picnicking this weekend, perhaps I can live vicariously through you!

xoxo Cristina



20 May

I feel like this season, more than any other before, we all got into the Spring fever. It might have been the pastel color trend, or the floral fascination, or maybe it was the feminine frenzy of 50’s-inspired Prada (I honestly did not mean to take the alliteration that far).
Or maybe it’s because blogs have really embraced seasonal themes this year – did anyone else find that last New Year’s was sequined insanity? Anyway, florals and pastels were fun ‘n all, but I’m ready for SUMMER! Swimsuits and palm trees and cutoff shorts, here we come. Or if you’re Ashley Smith, summer might involve throwing a personal party in your 50’s-style motel room in which you try on a bunch of vintage party frocks and shimmy. That could work too.

Who else is ready for summer?! Especially after that video 😉
xo Cristina




28 Jun

vogue nippon july 2011 dree hemingway tommy ton 1
vogue nippon july 2011 dree hemingway tommy ton 2
vogue nippon july 2011 dree hemingway tommy ton 3

Bikinis are so passe. Next time I go to the beach I’ll be wearing a highlighter yellow cocktail dress and Miu Miu pumps. Dree makes me want to do crazy things, like scuba dive in a dress. It’s winter here in Sydney, but soon enough I’ll be somewhere hot and I’m filing away all these hot weather ideas til then!

source: studded hearts

MOODBOARD:: Neon Beach

24 Mar
Summer is officially over in Sydney. Booooooo!
But I’m not letting go, not yet. Even if it means wearing neon colored pants, sweaters, and overcoats. Which, luckily for me, is in style this season! Leave it up to Anna Dello Russo to rock some neon fur.
Are all you Northern Hemispherans excited for spring!? Jealous!
P.S. Don’t forget about the Giveaway!

source: fashiongonerogue, stockholmstreetstyle, netaporter, jakandjil, asos, topshop, mrnewton, streetfsn


2 Nov
You’d never guess it, but this is the first week of summer here in Sydney. So far I’ve had one failed attempt at beach-going (the sky thundered just as my toes touched the sand). 
My solution? To decorate inside as if there were sunshine and blue skies outside, and to play summer tunes to drown out the pitter patter of rain on my roof. Think yellows, crisp black & white, punctuated with bright green plants.


29 Aug

This girl has perfect taste in summer dresses. I believe the first is Zara and the second is H&M. And how adorable are her sunglasses with the chain, and that saddle bag. I think I wanna try the chain on a pair of Ray-Bans, cute and convenient!