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13 Dec

Found it. The perfect gift for your nail art-addicted best friend! The Hand Book: A Guide to Nail Art (Hand book.. get it?) is a book full of step-by-step instructions to super cool manis. This Christmas crisis solved. You’re welcome.

The Trophy Wife Nail Art service could be affectionately referred to as ‘The Hipster Mani’.   Chelsea’s service doesn’t extend to all the extensive polishing and shellac-ing and usual nail salon hoo ha.  It’s quite simply all about the nail art.  (She doesn’t do acrylics or gels, and she has a ‘No Toes’ policy!).  Chelsea currently works from a studio in Brunswick street, she can also often be found doing nails in store at Alice Euphemia, and she also does housecalls, parties, office visits and photoshoots!

This month Chelsea has launched a very brilliant side project.  She has joined forces with Anna Ross of Kester Black to produce their book ‘The Hand Book : A Guide to Nail Art‘, which launched just last week!  The book is self published, featuring 15 excellent handpainted nail projects with easy step by step instructions.  It’s only $29.95 and can be purchased from either the Trophy Wife Nail Art orKester Black online stores. 

xoxo Cristina