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1 Mar

We’ve all seen tight leather leggings, they’re a staple of Victoria’s Secret models (like Rosie!) and I even sport my own all the time — not that I’m comparing myself to a Victoria’s Secret model. But one look I haven’t yet tried is the looser leather trouser. There’s so much more material to be reckoned with, it’s a lotta look! I wasn’t sure how exactly I would wear them so I checked out the runways for inspiration. If you look closely at all of these runway looks you’ll see that there’s nothing skintight about any of them, on top and bottom. Loose-fitting sweaters, jackets, and blouses are paired with simple heels. I don’t know that I have the guts to try this look just yet, but I’m definitely fantasy-styling outfits in my head.

I’m loving the idea of having big roomy pockets that I can actually stick my hands in, something skinny jeans can’t offer!

xo C



17 Jan

Celine Pre-Fall 2012 collection

How plush does that carpet look? I’m dying to wear some nude pointy toe pumps on a plush white carpet — in wide leg leather pants. That’s right, big baggy wide leg leather pants! I wonder what kind of fashionistas are gonna snap those babies up, and how they’re going to style them! I can’t wait to see those pants in action! Well that’s three sentences in a row that ended with exclamation points so I think I’m going to wrap it up now. You have probably gathered my excitement over this collection.

xoxo Cristina

p.s. I tried to write a follow-up post on the Golden Globes but every arrangement of photos didn’t seem to work because… every shot paled in comparison to Angelina Jolie! She was my absolute top pick for the night and no one else was even on the playing field. Rooney Mara and Elle Macpherson were second runners up but really, Angelina owned that red carpet and everyone else was just visiting.

What did you think?

p.p.s. I still think Zooey Deschanel should have worn my Dior Couture pick.



29 Sep

celine ad campaign 2011 skateboard stop it right nowstop it right now celine skateboard christine centenera celine pants skateboardkanye west christine centenera celine skateboard stop it right now

What would cause an otherwise sensible girl who has never (properly) stepped foot on a skateboard to pull out her wallet and purchase not one, not two, but THREE skateboard decks? Call it obsession, love, addiction, whatever it is, I’ve got it. bad.

It all started with an unforgettable collection by Celine. Followed by an impossibly cool ad campaign. Then one of my style icons, Christine Centenera, rocking them all over the place. One of my favorite musicians, performing in this (women’s) top at Coachella. 

So when Jayne of Stop It Right Now created these Celine-inspired skateboard decks nothing was going to stop me from scooping them right up. Nothing.
It’s as if all of 2011 was just a sequence of events leading up to this moment purchase! (Like I said, obsession). Now begins the overly anxious wait for the postman, you know that feeling.

What on earth am I going to do with three unusable skateboards, you ask. Well it might go a little something like this….

laura day bedroom skateboards headboard
Laura Day’s bedroom
source: stopitrightnow, mtv, fashiongonerogue, stockholmstreetstyle, lauradayliving, lonny


15 Jun

Celine Resort 2012
Celine Resort 2012

Loving this color palette and extra loving the styling. I’m looking forward to Zara’s high street take on this collection. Sorry Phoebe Philo I just can’t afford you at this point in time!

xoxo C



10 May

street style rafw sydney australia

christine centenera celine rafw sydney street style

Checking out Sydney street style during fashion week, the standout element was all of the color!

I love seeing how the girls used it, and I’m definitely inspired to work some more brights into my own wardrobe, in particular pinks, reds, and citron. And Christine, what can I say? She deserved her very own page in this post. She’s wearing my dreampants with a Bassike tee and a killer collar. Well done Sydney!

RUNWAY:: Celine Spring 2011

2 Feb
I’ve been staring idly at the Celine ad campaign for days now.. as if staring enough will somehow morph me into coolskaterchickDaria (it’s all I really want!) I thought it perfectly appropriate to post the rest of this collection so you could all join in on the lusting.

The whole collection is elegant. cool. comfy. I mean really what more could I ask of a wardrobe? The loose silhouette of the pant is a welcome relief to skinny’s (like I said, comfy) I want a pair in every color!  And an orange skateboard to go with, duh.


AD CAMPAIGN:: Daria Werbowy + Skateboard

31 Jan

I’m really feeling the laid back luxe feeling of the Celine Spring 2011 ad campaign. Those pants are like a kimono.. in pants form.. from the 70’s. Basically the coolest thing I can think of.
And be straight with me, is 24 too old to want an orange skateboard? Let me rephrase – is 24 too old to learn how to skateboard??
images via fashiongonerogue