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INTERIORS:: Christmas Dining + Ikea

30 Nov
Tis’ the season.. for a Christmas blog! Ikea has started a Christmas blog called Gilla Julen, or ‘Like Christmas.’ This beautiful living room has that chaotic feel of seating the whole family with mis-matched chairs from around the house and even a stack of books! Cute.. but I wouldn’t want to get stuck with the books!
source: gillajulen


25 Nov
Happy Thanksgiving!
This was my third Thanksgiving in Australia, and as an American abroad it is a little challenging (read: searching so many American candy stores for canned pumpkin only to find that there was a pumpkin shortage this year! and then mashing squash myself to try and make some semblance of a pumpkin pie!)
BUT, it was also incredibly exciting to share it with my friends who were all experiencing their FIRST Thanksgiving. 
Also. Cooking is exhausting. I wish I had this Friday off to recover but unfortunately me and my food baby are off to work now! 

The fall colors and antlers really have no relevance here in Australia where we’re just at the beginning of summer. So I’m dreaming of this set up below.

And I’d paint some tiny pumpkins silver for a cute accent!


31 Oct

Happy Halloween friends! If I had my way I’d invite you all to a fabulously spooky dinner party seated at this candlelit table. And if I had my way it would not cost $38 to buy a pumpkin here in Sydney. But alas, I saved my pennies and went without a pumpkin this year. And we’ll just have to admire and take note of the beautiful bottle candle holders for future use. West Elm is selling a similar version in green here, but I’m inclined to think a diy is in order.

source: happymundane