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STREET STYLE:: Fur, Followers, and a Giveaway!

16 Mar
Oh hi stylish readers! ALL 250 of you! What!?! I woke up to the most amazing little figure on my dashboard this morning. Is it possible that 250 people out there in the wide world are into this little blog I’ve got here? (Shout-out to my bloglovin friends too, not to leave you out)
I’m so blown away that I think it’s time to celebrate with a giveaway, don’t you agree?
Watch out for that tomorrow. And for now,
let’s enjoy some green fur.
Thanks a million for following!!!

NYFW:: Wang Baby

17 Feb
Allow me to introduce you to Alexander Wang’s niece, Aila.
She’s flexed more style muscle in her meer 6 months than I have in all my 24 years.  
Charming, yet depressing.
I believe we could all learn a thing or two from Aila. Striped shift dress, black tights, moccasins, shaggy fur coat, and Chanel bag. Can’t you see Nicole Richie sporting this? Except not so.. mini.


20 Apr

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15 Mar

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9 Mar

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2 Mar

Street style – A. Wang bag

1 Mar