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Have you seen it all before?

22 Aug

Hey dear reader. I recently stumbled across this editorial on Aussie babe Mandy’s blog Oracle Fox. I scrolled through the photos thinking to myself ‘oh I remember this editorial, white buttoned up collar, grey sweater, winged eyeliner, this must be from 2010? 2011?’

Wrong. Elle France August 2012. August 2012! This editorial is brand new and I could have sworn I’d seen it before. Ever have editorial deja vu? 
Now I’m conflicted here, because I love that Alexa Chung is focused, distinct and consistent in her personal style. If you were to cover up her head and show me a photo I could tell right away that it was her. And I love that about her. I hope to one day get to a point where someone could do the same for me. But part of me wonders, where’s the fun in that? Is it repetitive and does it even verge on boring? 

Have we seen it all before?
xoxo Cristina




10 May

Upon reading an interview on the Sartorialist of this very stylish Parisienne named Victoire Chopinaud (a very sexy name I imagine, when pronounced correctly) there were some of the usual responses, like “oh I study at the same school of couture that Yves Saint Laurent and Dior attended.” And as I wallowed in the Frenchness of it all, and in the fact that I will never have one ounce of her French style, I read on to find this little gem,

Button downs are better when they smell like and belong to a boyfriend.  I have this perfect faded army shirt by Arrow and a bunch from YSL, Dior Homme and The Kooples.  I wear them the ‘French way’ (aka no bra) mixing cologne from a boyfriend with Chance by Chanel, a scent I’ve been loyal to since I was 15 years old.” 

The ‘French way’ aka no bra? French women don’t wear bras? Is that part of the je ne sais quoi? 
 Are you to tell me that if I stop wearing a bra under my button down shirt I will be one step closer, okay one inch closer, to looking like a Parisian? No no, I would never presume that I will ever look French, but would this help? I suppose I can see that the super-extra-padded-push-up-to-your-ears bra is an American invention courtesy of Victoria’s Secret, and that maybe French women wouldn’t be into that. And I know that the bra of the moment are those barely there triangle bras. But to wear no bra at all? I just had no idea that this was the ‘French’ way. And now that I do, I’m tempted to give it a try.
Ladies, let’s discuss.  
I so enjoyed reading your feedback on my tights + open-toed query that I’m starting this new series!
So let me know in the comments if you were aware of the ‘French’ way, and would you ever try it?