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Bringing it home, every other week

30 Aug


Did you know I Bring it Home every other week on CamilleStyles? If you don’t know, now you know – cue Notorious BIG. If you’re missing me you can always find me there every other Monday. I know things have been quiet, ok silent, on Fuji Files this month, due to the unprecedented amount of travel, work and fun – and a cool combination of the three – I’ve been having off of the blog. (Remember that blogging vs. living post?) I went to Newark to be with family, Dallas and Vegas for work, Washington State to escape the heat, and just in case that wasn’t enough excitement for one month – I also moved. 
As you can imagine I’m looking forward to the long weekend, but the 200mph pace continues. Tonight M arrives for a visit and we have a packed schedule which includes food – so much food – sun, water, and a blast from my giddy pre-teen past: the Backstreet Boys. I also have an exciting post that I’m working on coming very soon, with a brand spanking new contributor who you’ll be seeing more of on the blog. 
Have any fun plans for the holiday weekend? Anyone else seeing BSB?!
Bon week-end!
xo C



10 Jun
Afters are more dramatic when you use really bad Befores
It’s time for a progress report. You’ve seen my bedroom, you’ve seen my dining room, and without further ado and procrastination, here’s my living room! I use the term “room” lightly because I live in a studio, so in truth it’s all really the same room. As you can see, my bed is within arm’s length of my sofa, which is within reach of my dining table. I moved into this space with much apprehension, but if you can survive a dorm room, you can survive a studio. Right? 

I’ve actually enjoyed living in a studio WAY more than I thought I would. For one thing, it’s a million times easier to keep it clean, which is of the necessity because if I leave a shirt on the floor there goes 50% of my floor space. Secondly, it’s only a billion times easier to decorate. Move in a bed and a sofa, hang a couple paintings, and the apartment was practically done. I have made a bit of progress since the initial move. I added a dividing bookshelf (from Ikea, natch) and arranged and rearranged all of the items on it 19 times.

I’ve also since hung my skateboards. This in itself is a MAJOR feat, as I’ve owned them for over a year and a half and had never managed to hang them. You’d think there would be an abundance of tutorials on how to hang a skateboard on a wall, surely a million teenage boys before me faced the same conundrum, but I couldn’t find any. Not even one. So I MacGyvered it with some fishing line (no joke, fishing line). 

I also added a coffee table, or two rather. I wish I could say that buying two small coffee tables was an act of brilliance, that I realized I would need them to be light and portable so that I could move them to the side every time I did a Gillian Michaels workout DVD (don’t judge), or each time I needed to pull the sofa bed out for guests (which is often now that it’s summer). But alas, none of that occurred to me. I simply bought them cause they were cute. And marble.
So that’s where it stands today! I have plans to take proper photos with something better than an ipad sometime soon, but I did a post on Emily Henderson’s living room on CamilleStyles today, and I wanted to show her how much I admire her and everything she touches in the off chance that she somehow ended up here today. Emily Henderson, if you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU AND EVERYTHING BLUE VELVET. 
Want More?
Can a couch be your spirit animal? If so, Henri’s mine.
xoxo Cristina


DIY FILES:: Pink Ombre

28 May
I spotted these ombre and color blocked rooms in pink and orange hues, and they’ve had my DIY wheels spinning. Should I paint each of my drawers a different shade of pink and orange? Or imagine painting each cabinet door in your kitchen a bright color. Or you could do something really fun with an actual door. Is there anything in your home that could use a bit of bright ombre sprucing up?
xo C


7 Malachite Decor Diys

18 Apr


There are not one but TWO geologists in my immediate family. So rocks have a special place in my life. As a toddler I recited colors as “sapphire, ruby, topaz and emerald” instead of “blue, red, yellow, and green,” and fossils were my toys. Suffice it to say, I like rocks. The evidence is scattered around my apartment in the form of marble, agate and geodes performing as my magnets, bookends, and coffee table.

So far these have been small geologic accents, but now I’m thinking big. Like a malachite table. A malachite dining table even. But in the event that I can’t find or afford a solid slab of malachite to serve as my table top, I’m considering one of these lovely diy’s that I found on the interwebs.

2. Boxes by Mimosa Lane
5. Tray by Burlap and Lace
6. Accent Wall by Jessica Jones Murals

Which one’s your fav?
xo Cristina



16 Apr
Hideous upholstered table
Updated midcentury modern

Far Out Home Fittings, r.i.p.

Ikea hack, $35 table top
Parents are the best
New table top + old legs, and re-upholstered chair

As promised, I’m going to be sharing my experience living in and decorating a tiny studio apartment. You saw the before pictures here, but now it’s looking much more lived in. So today I’m going to tell you a little bit about my dining area. We can’t call it a room, because it’s not in any way closed off and sits just 10 feet from my bed, but it’s an important part of the space nonetheless. So let me tell you a little story about the ugliest table in the world…

There was once a totally groovy vintage furniture store here in Austin called Far Out Home Fittings. It wasn’t beautiful, but if you looked closely there were some excellent finds. Take for example this dining table and chairs. Really I only wanted the chairs for my dining room, but it came as a set and the table had sweet legs. Sadly Far Out is no longer there, and I miss popping in for the oddball find.
But seriously, is this not the ugliest upholstery you have ever seen? Brown, orange and mustard velvet, these photos don’t do it justice. Who upholsters a table top anyway? Imagine all of the spilt food that would soak into it. It had to go. But it turns out upholstery is quite an expensive service, so I only had enough in my budget to reupholster one of the chairs with white leatherette, I just threw a sheepskin over the other as a temporary fix.
Then I went to Ikea and bought this white lacquer table top for just $35The new top is larger and rectangular, which was far more practical than the oval shape (the old table could only seat 4 people and the new one seats 6 comfortably). And all it took was a few quick turns with a wrench to remove the legs from the old top and a regular screwdriver to attach them to the new top! Easiest Ikea hack ever, and it doesn’t even look like Ikea with the authentic vintage legs on it.

Oh and do you like my sunglass storage? I got the crystal pedestal bowl from Flashback for just $12! They were actually using it to display belts and accessories but agreed to sell it to me, and at a bargain price as well. I told you I love that place. The blue horse head is one of my favorite pieces, I spotted it in Dwell magazine years ago and searched for it tirelessly until I made one mine. It’s by Bitossi. The coasters are Anthropologie and so are the polkadot napkins, a thoughtful gift from Cass at coco+kelley (thanks Cass!). You might remember the pink painting from my old home tour, and the before photos of my studio from this post. During my time in Sydney I fell head over heels in love with Aboriginal artwork and this painting by Betty Mbitjana is just one of the pieces I brought back with me. The gold table runner is a Moma find, and the black tray was part of the Neiman Marcus Target collection. I like to keep a tray on the table to corral all of the random things that end up on my dining table – like mail, sunglasses, and cameras (when you’re a blogger).
That about sums up my dining room area (oh yea, and my dying orchid makes an appearance too) and by the time I post this I will probably have rearranged it all again. Redecorating is my favorite midnight activity. It always seems like a better idea than sleep at the time. 
I hope you guys liked my ugliest-table-in-the-world transformation!
xoxo Cristina



29 Mar

Many of us are enjoying a relaxing Friday holiday from work this Easter weekend…. 
But some of us are not.
If you’re sitting at work, reading all of your friends’ fun Facebook statuses and watching the clock tick tock til 5:00, here is some friendly Friday reading material! These are my latest two posts for my Bring it Home series on CamilleStyles! 
The first is how to camouflage your TV so that it isn’t the focal point of a room. Living in a studio apartment has made this design dilemma all the more poignant for me. I’m happy to say I’ve actually used all of these tips in my own home, and they really do work! Like seriously, I used to lose the remote all the time.
And the second is my ideas to dress up your desk at work, and why it’s important to do so. What do your coworkers think of your work space? Your boss? Does it inspire you? I will be perfectly honest my own workspace is SO not decorated… yet. But writing this post was my way to motivate myself/kick myself in the butt to take care of that.
I hope you all have a fabulous Friday, no matter where you are.
And be sure to let me know if you guys try any of my suggestions, it makes me feel REALLY good when these posts actually help people 🙂

xoxo Cristina



6 Mar
Handles Ansaldi & Sons / Paint Behr Herbal Tea / Corner brackets Hardware World
I feel like a fake and a phony posting this. This was not my idea and I won’t claim to be original. In fact when I was contemplating this DIY this is the conversation that went down:
Me: I really want to DIY myself some green campaign drawers, but I just feel like EVERYONE has them
Marisa: Nobody has them, I’ve never met anyone that has them. Have you?
Me: Well no.
Marisa: You don’t actually know anyone with campaign drawers then.
Me: No, I guess I don’t. But it feels like I do.
Sometimes the lines between real life and the internet are blurred, does anyone else feel this way?
It all started with this little spread in Lonny magazine. And then the bloggers were off. I was infected with Campaign fever from the start, so (after the aforementioned conversation) I studied the RAST hacks and cherry picked the bits that I liked most, and here are my results! I’d first like to acknowledge the hackers that came before me: I used the Campaign drawer handles from LittleGreenNotebook and the corner brackets on Design Manifest.

1 quart high gloss paint – I used Behr Herbal Tea
6 Campaign handles from Ansaldi & Sons
6 packets of corner brackets (they come 4/set), Hardware World
paint brush
wood filler
sand paper
optional: hot glue

Step 1: Buy Ikea RAST drawers

They are only $34.99 each. If you’ve searched for side tables (especially with drawers) you will know that this is a steal. Alternatively, if you already have drawers at home that could use a facelift, use those!
Step 2: Choose paint color
A few people have asked me how I got the lacquer look to mine, I just used a high gloss paint. I’ve seen some fabulous renditions of these in pink, grey, black, and white – you could really go any color with these. I’d love to re-do mine in orange! 
Note: this wood soaks up paint, if you don’t use a primer it will take 2-3 coats and the finished product might not be completely even. I didn’t use a primer so I don’t know if that would fix this.
Step 3: Fill in handle holes & paint
Use woodfiller to fill in the holes meant for the Ikea drawer pulls, there are two on each drawer. Once this has dried sand them down until smooth. Then paint everything your color of choice.
Note: Save yourself time (and paint) by figuring out which sides will be showing. I went ahead and painted everything green (even insides of drawers) but no one will ever see those.
Step 4. You can begin to assemble the RAST once the paint has dried (don’t assemble the drawers yet)

Step 5. Measure the center of the drawer and then drill the handle pulls in. Measure twice, drill once.
Note: it’s difficult to get these centered… mine are slightly off but I don’t think anyone can notice

Step 6. Attach the corner brackets, then slide the drawers into place!
I drilled mine in with the small screws that came with the brackets BUT I would recommend skipping the screws and hot glueing them instead, because when I open and close the drawers the screws rub against each other, making it difficult to close the drawers all the way. One day, I’d like to remove the screws and re-attach them with hot glue, but… it’s been a year and I have not gotten around to it. Save yourself the trouble.

I really hope this helps, but if you have any questions leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to every single one! 
And for more photos of my nightstands and my home, look here and here.
xoxo Cristina