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28 Jan

Moving furniture is a piece of cake, but moving one’s wardrobe? For a blogger… this is kind of a big deal. Luckily my friend De came to my rescue! She had this nifty system of moving clothes and it worked a treat. To be honest I had planned on just carrying as many hangers as would fit into my arms and throwing them into the back of my car leaving a trail of dropped clothing along the way (which is totally how I’ve moved in the past – don’t lie you have too) but De wasn’t having it. Apparently she got this method from Martha Stewart so there may be better instructions for this method somewhere on the internet, but in this case I thought pictures would be better than words.

As you can see, you slip a garbage bag up (from below) over your clothes, about 5 hangers at a time, then tie the bag tightly at the top. I could carry 4 bags at a time and stack them neatly into the back of my car, no dropped clothes and no falling off hangers. When I got my bags to their final destination, hanging in my new closet, all that was left for me to do was untie (or if you’re impatient, rip) the bags to reveal your neatly hanging clothes: organized, hanging, and in tact in their new home. The whole process was astonishingly fast and easy. I mostly tried to untie the knots and re-use the bags, but it’s also quite fun to rip them off in a rather Hulk-like fashion. GENIUS, right?

I don’t know how I’ll ever re-pay De (a bottle of Prosecco might do the trick) but I fully plan to pay this kindness forward to my next friend making a move.
My shoes however, that’s a different story.
xo Cristina