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INTERIORS:: Jessica Stam’s Apartment

28 Feb

In the entryway, Stam installed a black-and-white tableau she found from the 1960s and a wall of mirrors. To dress it up, she fills silver vases with white roses. Stam says it’s the last mirror she checks before she leaves the house; she often curls her eyelashes here before heading off to a shoot.

The previous owner (a decorator from the Mandarin Oriental hotel) left these hand-carved Moroccan sliding doors that lead into Stam’s bedroom. The model hung a Native American dream catcher over the door when she moved in almost three years ago.
Love her leather skirt look.

These minty colors are fast becoming a fav of mine, from Kate Bosworth’s red carpet look to Jessica Stam’s New York apartment, everything it touches just looks so sublimely fresh.
I feel mint would be the perfect color for a bathroom, as it would always look clean… but I just spent 2 hours cleaning my bathroom including everything from my toothbrush holder right down to the grout, so I’ve got a minty fresh bathroom on my mind!



27 Feb
Abbey Lee, looking totally otherworldly. (Gold platforms peeking out) She rocks a maxi dress like no other.

source: altamira


27 Feb
One day…
My shoe closet will be this organized…………
and yes, I will have a closet just for shoes.

“I find that I wear more of my shoes if I can shop from the pictures on the outside of the boxes! This is how shoe closets are organized at magazines and I brought the concept to my home.” 
– Tracy Taylor, US Editor for Net-a-Porter

source: thecoveteur


27 Feb
Love the mix of punk & fairy in this painting – fairy floss pink hair & cheeks and then.. that Slayer shirt. 

source: one of my absolute favs, Danny Roberts

RUNWAY:: Gucci + Glam

25 Feb

Hats. Fur. COLOR. 70’s. Glam.
Gucci is a standout this season, on another level.

LOOKBOOK:: Shakuhachi + Bambi

24 Feb
Confession: one of the most beautiful pieces I own is by Shakuhachi, a lace playsuit
And it still has the tag on it!
I think it’s over a year old

Their lookbook has reminded me just how amazing Shakuhachi is, and it’s about time I wear my clothes!
Isn’t this the perfect summer dress? And winter dress too if you add a big chunky sweater and some slouchy flat boots (see post below for the exact pair of slouchy boots I have in mind)
source: shakuhachi

INTERIORS:: Black paint + leather couch

24 Feb
Reeeally feeling the color of that leather! Camel? Cognac? Whatever it is, I want it in the form of Phillip Lim’s sleeves and pants and on my couch!
source: chicagohome&garden