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17 Apr
Some more Sunday people watching, this time the intriguing figure Bill Cunningham.
Hope you’re all having a beautiful weekend!
“We all get dressed for Bill” – Anna Wintour


10 Apr

One of my most cherished activities in the entire world is people watching. And I believe that is why I love blogging so much, it is the ultimate mode of people watching the most stylish and interesting characters from Paris, Stockholm, anywhere really. Scott Schuman’s eye and talent have obviously been a major vehicle for that hobby for me and so many others, and I really like the way he articulated it in this video.

Went to a picnic on the water today that got rained out, so my bf and I ducked into the nearest cafe and had the yummiest brunch ever. I got a Classic Club with smoked turkey, avocado, cranberry, bacon, on Turkish bread, and a chocolate milkshake! Now spending the rest of my rainy Sunday people watching 🙂

p.s. while we’re on the topic of stylish men and videos, I think it’s time we revisit this one!