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5 Jul

lipstick NARS / eyeliner Urban Decay

I may not be an editor or a designer (I spy Alber Elbaz), and I may not have been seated in the front row of Raf Simons’ debut with Christian Dior, but I sure felt like it! The coverage I gathered via twitter and instagram during the show was instant, detailed, and high-res enough for me to experience it all as it happened. Isn’t technology awe-inspiring? Yes. And so are those shoes. They’re like grown-up replicas of the tiny pink shoes I used to put on my Barbies. But better.

And as for the makeup. I will tell you right now that it is unlikely that I will actually step foot outside of my house with hot pink eyeliner and hot red lips tomorrow, but I might play with the idea in the privacy of my own room. I have found that the color pink should generally be kept away from my eye, but I do think it looks smashing on the runway! And I might consider trying it in a more subdued purple 😉 How bout you?

Would you wear this makeup look in public?
xx Cristina



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