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8 Jun

I totally enjoyed reading your responses to my summer confession (I wear black, a lot) and it sounds like you’re all pretty forgiving on the black clothing front, but somewhat horrified about wearing boots in the summer! I get it, I really do. But I simply can’t go 3 months without wearing my beloved boots! You know who’s with me? Isabel Marant.
She knows what’s up, her boots are super summer-friendly. From the must-have Dicker ankle boots to her tall fringed boots, she knows how to satisfy my boot craving even when it’s hot. Hear me out, these boots are suede and not leather, plus the fringe totally qualifies them for the summer boho look!
And yes, my feet may be burning up inside them, but 6-inch espadrilles are the traditional footwear of choice for summer, and they can hardly be described as comfortable! So while others teeter on straw wedges, I’ll sweat it out in my suede boots.
By the way, I attended my little brother’s high school graduation this past weekend and 99% of the girls were wearing 6-inch wedges, (a couple of sensible girls wore flats, a couple not-so-sensible ones wore 7-inch platforms). So that is what fueled the majority of this post 😉

Happy Friday!!
xoxo Cristina




21 Jun

street style isabel marant skirt montarna mcdonald

I absolutely cannot get enough of this outfit by Montarna Mcdonald of Sweaty Betty PR. She also writes a blog about one of my fav places to shop here in Sydney, The Intersection at Paddington.
Currently ebaying Isabel Marant skirts and football shirts.