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14 Sep
I’m loving all of the white on the runway. It makes me want white maxi dresses.. white bed sheets, white curtains, a white sofa, a white bathtub…..
I’m dreaming of this oceanside interior, and you know I love tree trunks in the home. 



7 Jul

Some of you commented in the post below on that awesome artwork over the mantel. I thought it’d be worthwhile to post a bit more on the artist and homeowner, who happen to be one in the same.
This is the home of Lyndsay Caleo and Fitzhugh Karol, a designer duo who flip properties using salvaged architectural elements. Karol designed the artwork over their vintage fireplace. So you’ll notice hundred year old architectural elements mixed in with new artworks throughout the home, most notably in the beautiful wooden pieces in each room. And you know I love tree trunk furniture.

source: nymag

Tree Trunk Inspiration

2 May
About a year ago now I started a diy project that has majorly, majorly stalled. On a weekend trip to the country I decided tree stumps would make beautiful side tables and stools and proceeded to lug them into my backseat. I know West Elm sells them at $199 each, so that means I saved $800 (sort of). We spent the day  driving around off road (poor car) turning over tree stumps and checking for decay, termites and other creepy crawlies. I had a fear I’d be the cause of the great Sydney Termite Infestation of 2009, and they’d trace it back to one overly ambitious girl’s diy lightbulb moment. Also, the stumps weighed 8 tons each.
Finally I found 4 that met my bug-free standards, and they had some character too!
The beginnings of my proudest diy yet. Too bad the trunks are still sitting in my downstairs storage. Since we got them in there I haven’t found the strength to transport them up to the bedroom or balcony, where I intend for them to look magnificent as bedside tables and outdoor seating. I’m officially adding it to the to-do list for next weekend. For now, here’s some inspiration.


22 Apr