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STREET STYLE:: Blue + Atacoma

6 Jan

Anyone else still pining after the sky blue Acne Atacomas? The perfect antidote to all of my black boots. And can we please take one more second to ponder the perfection of the above outfit: vintage polkadot pants, grey crop top, sky blue Atacomas.

p.s. this is one of my absolute favorite bloggers, Annabu. Her personal style is out of this world and I love her for it.



2 Aug
Acne navy blue hot pants. Want.
To be worn with colorful silk vintage blouse tied in a knot. 

source: fashionising


8 Jul

Ok ok, I will admit, I called it the second I saw them. I predicted these Acne shoes would be on every blogger’s feet before long and I meant it. Well what I really meant was, every female blogger. Never did I imagine in my wildest dreams that they’d make an appearance on a boy! Major props to Yuanyi Jeff Lee for rocking these Acne platforms, and props to photographer Nam for capturing it for all to see!

P.S. Girls and boys, Scorett is selling a sweet look-alike, see below

One skirt: 2 ways

8 Feb

Acne A/W 2010 – THE Jackets and Shoes

7 Feb

Cloudy Blue Acne Atacoma Wedges

5 Nov