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27 Feb
Love the mix of punk & fairy in this painting – fairy floss pink hair & cheeks and then.. that Slayer shirt. 

source: one of my absolute favs, Danny Roberts


ART:: All the Buildings in New York

6 Dec
James Gulliver Hancock is an Australian born New York based illustrator who is attempting to draw all of the buildings in New York. I love his style, and at $30 a print I’m thinking one of the black & white’s would look great framed on my wall! You can keep up with his drawings daily at his blog All the Buildings in New York.


26 Oct
Who wore it best?
A selection of the world’s top models, or the world’s most stylish bunny, Fifi Lapin? I tend to think Fifi rocks the Burberry F/W 2010 like no one’s business. Is it strange to be jealous of a bunny? How about a 2-d illustration of a fictional bunny? Hmm.. thought so
source: fifilapin


7 Jun
I have a talent crush on Judit García-Talavera. I love her squiggly lines and messy colors… ok so I’m not an art critic. I just like her ok? Perhaps you will too..

Illustrations by Sarah Hankinson

20 May

Miu Miu Madness – Spring 2010

26 Apr