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2 Sep

DIY FILES studded iphone case

When Kaila of C’est Classique saw the Death Roll iPhone case by BLEACHBLACK she was ready to purchase one, but they’re not for sale yet! Time for a DIY.

DIY FILES studded iphone case bleachblack death roll

DIY FILES studded iphone case supplies

Kaila purchased 1/2″ tree spikes from Studs and Spikes. They are really easy to install, you just have to screw them together. She also ordered a relatively reasonable silicone iPhone case from Ebay, it only cost $4. K suggests either Amazon or Ebay. You just have to make sure it is simple, plain, and nothing on it. Any color you want will do!

DIY FILES studded iphone case steps

She started by lining up and arranging the studs in the way that she wanted them to look. It took about 43 studs all together. Make sure they are evenly spaced! Next, she took a pen and marked where each stud stood. This will help you when you have to puncture holes through the silicone.

DIY FILES studded iphone case studs screws

She didn’t want the opening to be enormous, so she used a sewing needle to go through the mark first, and then the tip of a wine bottle opener to make the hole wide enough for the screw to fit in. Once you get the screw in from the back side of the case, screw the stud on it. To make the studs snug, you can use a screwdriver to tighten them.

DIY FILES studded iphone case
Very Kate Lanphear, no?

It looks slightly painful, but Kaila says it doesn’t hurt to hold! They wiggle around, and your fingers fit nicely between the studs. Just don’t, yunno, sit on it! I imagine this phone could be used to settle a tiff with a boyfriend, or as a method of self defense. So many benefits from one little diy.

xo C




2 Oct

Really into all of these looks right now. My current inspiration.
And be sure to read the blurb at the end, it makes my cool factor utterly insufficient.

P.S. Sorry for the slow down in posts! Spent the last few days visiting friends in my old hometown Austin.
Which probably helped trigger this rock & roll clothing craving (live music capital of the world, fyi).
Also enjoyed: Margaritas at Gloria’s, thrifting & Home Slice on South Congress, managed to fit in some BBQ & Mexican too, which made for a really full stomach when dancing on 6th (suck in Cristina!), breakfast tacos at Juan in a Million this morning, oh and my fav activity ever, fantasy house hunting, and yes, I did find some keepers.
Oh and Hey Austin, I miss you already ;(

Can we all please read this and fantasize about her life? ULTIMATE rockstar

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4 Jan