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STREET STYLE:: Camel + Color

28 Dec
Today I’m loving: Camel coats over bright blouses & blazers. 


INTERIORS:: Chandelier + Twist

27 Dec
This would complete my apartment. Such a great modern twist on a crystal chandelier – literally! 
Side note, one of my great pet peeves is when people use the word ‘literally’ incorrectly. 
“I’m so stressed I could explode, literally”
No. You will not literally explode.
source: joemaer

CHARITY:: People & Planet

23 Dec

Now this is a truly charitable gift idea. I’m giving these beautiful calendars to several of my loved ones this year, if you’re still stuck on those last few presents I highly recommend these!
I’m spending the holidays with family in Washington state. Cold weather and Christmas lights and grandma’s cooking – this is real Christmas! (no offense sydney). Hope you’re all enjoying your holidays!
Buy a calendar at to help over 37 charities (and to help my friend Pete save the world!)

WISHLIST:: Gold + Vertebrae

23 Dec
Last minute (last second) Christmas wish? This amahhzing necklace. If you’re really stumped, and want to give me something that I can wear with 100 different looks and will garner so much attention and love that I never take it off – then this is your bet. It’s Too good. Oyea – and too expensive. Oops!
source: bonadrag 

LOOKBOOK:: Oneteaspoon + Pink

20 Dec

I’ve never given pink enough credit as a winter color. Looks like pink will be making its way into my wardrobe as well as my walls.

source: cestvogue

INTERIORS:: Christmas + Branches

19 Dec

I’m out of town for Christmas this year so I didn’t bother with a Christmas tree, but this is a cute way to dress up a tree or branches you already have in the house! Wish I had thought of this before now (the day before I leave!)

EDITORIAL:: Holidays + Indulgence

16 Dec

Apologies for the slow-down in posts, I’ve been swamped with Christmas preparations! Shopping shopping shopping and eating and Christmas drinks and then more shopping. This editorial evokes that over-indulgent feeling of the holidays for me, as well as being drop dead gorgeous. I’ve always liked Barbara Palvin, or baby Natalia (doncha think?)
source: studdedhearts