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5 Sep

 Turns out Olympics hangovers are a very real thing. Following our gold, silver and bronze kitchens I’m on to heavy metals of another variety today. Most people might generally restrict gold and silver pants to New Year’s Eve attire (a natural reaction), but check out how casual these looks are! Just put on my gold pants to walk the dog – on a rope. No biggie. Erin Wasson and Elin Kling both wore their fancy pants with plain white tees. 

In fact Elin went so far as to wear her silver pants with a t-shirt and a HOODIE – that sloppy college staple that I sometimes pull out more than I’d like to admit. I’m seriously in awe of how cool she just made a zip up hoodie look. I wish I could do that. My personal style conquest has been in mastering the “I’m super cool and I’m not trying” look.. it can so easily translate into just “I’m not trying.” But more on that later.

If you prefer to dress things up and look like you are trying, wear a blazer or fur yeti coat. Like so…

All great looks, all paired with a t-shirt, all worn in broad daylight (rather than the din of a loud night club). 
xoxo Cristina




4 Sep
I must still have Olympic medals on the brain (finally watched the Spice Girls reunion last night!) because I’m dreaming about gold, silver and bronze finishes in the kitchen. 
The kitchen is a room dominated by wall-fulls of wooden cabinetry, and wooden cabinetry can be super susceptible to dating (ie that certain blonde wood kitchen that screams 90’s). I think that’s why I love these kitchens so much! The metal is the focal point – and gold never gets old. Big call? Maybe. But I’m standing behind it.
Gold never gets old.
xoxo Cristina




15 Aug

I’ve been seeing this little gold tray everywhere! Ok, in 3 places. But still. 
1. I first saw it when putting together my gift guide for coco+kelley. 
2. Then it popped up again on Camille’s fab Game Night spread
3. And this week again it’s in Jenn’s Olympics-inspired layout!
Is this the universe telling me it’s time to make this baby mine?
My keys and sunglasses would look right at home resting in this chevron tray by the front door, or holding mail, jewelry, even hors d’oeuvres! 
Universe, I hear you loud and clear.
xoxo Cristina




6 Jan

Rifle Paper Co Thank you cards Birthday

It’s now Thank You card season and I absolutely fell in love with that gold striped card from Rifle Paper Co. — then proceeded to fall for the rest of their collection!

Lovely, aren’t they?
xo C



5 Jan

I’m feeling particularly inspired by the color combination of white, gold, and black right now, so I threw together an example of just how I’d like to wear it. White button down shirt – buttoned all the way up! With a raaad crystal necklace tucked in right under the collar. Black boots, black clutch, and a white blazer, all of which I actually do own so this look is somewhat feasible. And just to spice things up some leopard shorts, just because.
white blazer leopard shorts street style 

How cute is that gold card holder? It’s by Reed Krakoff, who makes the most magically perfect handbag I’ve ever seen yet will never be able to afford. The cardholder however sits at a conceivably attainable price point of $130. Not saying I’m gonna buy it, but just that it’s within reach 😉

Topshop shirt, blazer, & leopard shorts, Marc Jacobs watch, Zara hat & clutch, Debra Baxter necklace, Madewell belt, American Apparel nail polish, Reed Krakoff cardholder, Asos boots

xoxo Cristina