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5 Dec

edge of urge feather bar feather earrings
edge of urge feather bar feather earrings 1

So the whole feather extension thing sort of passed me right by, and I had accepted that. But when I borrowed my friend M’s feather earring last weekend I caught the feather fever… bad. I’ve been searching Etsy high and low for the just the right one and have had no luck so far, until NOW. Introducing Edge of Urge’s FEATHER BAR! 

Yeah, Feather Bar. I just had to repeat it because it’s just that good. You could pick up one of their handmade ready-made pieces (all those cute ones above!).
 I personally am really digging the single earring look, so my advice would be to buy a pair of earrings and then gift one to your best bud for Christmas!

edge of urge feather bar feather earrings
SO much choice right? That’s not even all of it, there’s so much more on their website! It’s kind of like when you go to a restaurant and there’s too much on the menu (and it takes you 5 hours to order). Here is my potential earring, but I’m afraid to order just in case it’s not perfect.

my edge of urge feather earring bar
They’re a bit pricey but the really GREAT NEWS is that right now you can get  
50% off from Reserve29.

I know right? Go.

xo C