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23 Jul
both available at fashionology                                                                 

 I’m a small necklace girl. I wear a couple of itsy bitsy pendants on teensy weensy chains every day – the smaller the better! But somehow I’m finding myself drawn to these giant jagged shark tooth necklaces by Givenchy. Not enough to sink my rent into one (though even if I was, these things are somehow sold out!) so these lookalikes from fashionology are looking very attractive to my pocketbook right now. The white shark tooth is a little bit the souvenir you’d beg your mom for at the natural science museum gift shop when you were 7 and insist that you’ll wear it everyday. But both are sure to add a little edge (heh heh, get it?) to an outfit this summer. I’m picturing beachside drinks with a long white maxi dress and this around my neck.

Would you buy a shark tooth necklace for $950?
How bout for $42?
xoxo Cristina



5 Oct

givenchy fashion week spring summer 2012
givenchy fashion week spring summer 2012 ERIN WASSON

The word “wearable” doesn’t immediately spring to mind. 
Which is why I was pleasantly surprised by this season’s collection of wearable, sports-minded looks. I’d almost go so far as to say this is the most wearable collection of the season, for my collared shirt and blazer mood of late. The shades of blush and nude are feminine but not too sweet. The shoes sleek, and minimalist, though I still feel Alexander Wang’s would have gone better. The styling of the metal chokers under the buttoned up collars were so on-trend.
And the giant shark teeth!? Brilliant. They add an edge (heh. heh.) while remaining perfectly polished. Something to look out for while thrifting.

xo C

source: vogue

Museum Couture

19 Apr


18 Mar

Givenchy Couture Spring 2010

27 Jan

Givenchy Haute Couture

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27 Sep

Ok, I know, it’s not the shoes that make these outfits.
It’s the drape of all-black, the ruffle meets edge, strategically placed cut outs.
(The 1st is my fav).
But the shoes are a jumping off point.