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25 Sep


I first fell truly madly deeply in love with fashion through magazines. Glossy pages, awe-inspiring editorials, jaw-droppingly gorgeous models. It’s a deep and unending love. Then there came blogs, with their pedestrian perspective and daily content right at your fingertips. I love them too. My favorite thing ever though? A combination of the two. My favorite thing ever is when magazines shoot realistic editorials, like a day in the life of a ridiculously stylish individual who happens to look like a model. Basically this editorial. 
This, dear readers, is my favorite editorial of all time. No matter how many new magazines I read, no matter how many phases my style goes through, no matter how many trends come and go, this editorial is the one I come back to time and time again. It might be because I’d wear every single look, it might be the menswear-inspired sensibility (imagine sharing clothes with him!), the timeless palette of black, grey, and army green, or it could just be that Adriana Lima is a babe and a half. You’ll notice the arm partiescamo printbaseball caps, and sneakers – all topics I’ve since blogged about. Whatever it is, it has captivated me for 9 years and counting. 
Yes! 9 Years! This editorial is from the September Issue of Elle, 2003 (don’t believe me? just check out the flip phone he has around his neck!). And this isn’t the first time it has appeared here on Fuji Files. I posted it before and chances are I’ll post it again when I feel so inclined! 
Do you all have a favorite editorial of all time? I’d love to see it 🙂
xoxo Cristina




18 Jan

Roksanda Ilincic Spring 2012

My very favorite color of the moment is lavender (please see: my fingernails). Red + pink is a classic for the ages, but pink + lavender is my go-to pairing of choice right now. It’s all part of that neutral/neon thing that has taken over my life… and my tumblr. Oh and if these dresses look familiar it’s because the bell sleeved dream recently appeared on the red carpet on the adorable Ginnifer Goodwin, and the white was worn by Rooney Mara on the Today Show! The designer is Roksanda Ilincic and I guarrantee this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of her!

xo C

Glittery Bags are NOT just for Christmas

22 Dec
Lancaster Purse Disco handbag GREEN Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 7.12.58 PMScreen shot 2011-12-21 at 7.17.08 PMScreen shot 2011-12-21 at 7.10.42 PMLancaster Purse Disco handbag

You guessed it. I want this for Christmas. But can I wear a glittery green bag year round? Can I wear a glittery green bag to the grocery store? Undecided. As I’ve said before, when making purchase decisions I do my research. How do other girls wear it? How does it look in real life (as opposed to the product photographs on the web shop). Below you’ll find Betty, of the impossibly cool blog leblogdebetty. You’ll see that the bag is actually a lot smaller than you (well I) expected. I think that makes the quantity of bling palatable for day. Don’t you? It’s settled then. Green glittery bag functions night and day Christmas and non-Christmas. Now onto price, and can us non-Parisians even acquire the Lancaster Paris bag??? YES! Thanks to Nasty Gal, who I’m pretty sure read my mind because they now have the “disco” bag in both blue and green in their New Arrivals. They’re $178 with free shipping… I’ll have to mull over that number a bit. And ponder possible outfit combinations. But consider this a Christmas wish.

Leblogdebetty Lancaster Disco Purse Street Style6326102220_f71cbb4139_o

What do you think? Is it too much glitter for a daily purse?
(Is there even such thing as too much glitter?)
xoxo Cristina



19 Oct

alexa chung ombre glitter manicure nails alexa chung ombre glitter sparkle manicure nails

Each of my nails has a different glitter nail polish on it right now. 
The result of seeing Alexa’s manicure and way too much time spent in the nail polish aisle yesterday.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find any polishes with big chunky sparkles in it like these green ones, but the search continues! I’m considering usually actual glitter from the arts and crafts section with a bit of clear nail polish. Nails are the hottest new accessory, and as you can tell I’m really getting into it!
I want to try different base colors underneath, like white with gold glitter, or mint with silver glitter!
Now, how to get the gradual ombre effect?

Check out my latest post on how to wear Carine Roitfeld’s go-to piece, now up on coco+kelley!

xo C

source: beacauseimaddicted


17 Aug

hair envy street style

Major hair envy over these breezy beautiful waves right now. I received my new hair dryer in the mail today and just used it for the first time… is it bad that my arm muscles are now sore? I’m so weak! On a bit of a hair styling kick (my new curling iron should be arriving this week too) so if you have any tips and tricks do share!

xo C


3 Apr
This shot still makes my heart flutter. Dree was on to so many trends ahead of time, (ie pink hair) and I think the whole look can still be worn in its entirety and still look cutting edge. This goes into the street style hall of fame for me.


16 Mar
Wondering where you can find an Eames lounge chair like the one in this living room?

And in fact, so many of the chairs, lighting, and accents in the fabulous rooms I post every day? 
Stay tuned to find out.
source: ashe&leandro