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16 Apr
Hideous upholstered table
Updated midcentury modern

Far Out Home Fittings, r.i.p.

Ikea hack, $35 table top
Parents are the best
New table top + old legs, and re-upholstered chair

As promised, I’m going to be sharing my experience living in and decorating a tiny studio apartment. You saw the before pictures here, but now it’s looking much more lived in. So today I’m going to tell you a little bit about my dining area. We can’t call it a room, because it’s not in any way closed off and sits just 10 feet from my bed, but it’s an important part of the space nonetheless. So let me tell you a little story about the ugliest table in the world…

There was once a totally groovy vintage furniture store here in Austin called Far Out Home Fittings. It wasn’t beautiful, but if you looked closely there were some excellent finds. Take for example this dining table and chairs. Really I only wanted the chairs for my dining room, but it came as a set and the table had sweet legs. Sadly Far Out is no longer there, and I miss popping in for the oddball find.
But seriously, is this not the ugliest upholstery you have ever seen? Brown, orange and mustard velvet, these photos don’t do it justice. Who upholsters a table top anyway? Imagine all of the spilt food that would soak into it. It had to go. But it turns out upholstery is quite an expensive service, so I only had enough in my budget to reupholster one of the chairs with white leatherette, I just threw a sheepskin over the other as a temporary fix.
Then I went to Ikea and bought this white lacquer table top for just $35The new top is larger and rectangular, which was far more practical than the oval shape (the old table could only seat 4 people and the new one seats 6 comfortably). And all it took was a few quick turns with a wrench to remove the legs from the old top and a regular screwdriver to attach them to the new top! Easiest Ikea hack ever, and it doesn’t even look like Ikea with the authentic vintage legs on it.

Oh and do you like my sunglass storage? I got the crystal pedestal bowl from Flashback for just $12! They were actually using it to display belts and accessories but agreed to sell it to me, and at a bargain price as well. I told you I love that place. The blue horse head is one of my favorite pieces, I spotted it in Dwell magazine years ago and searched for it tirelessly until I made one mine. It’s by Bitossi. The coasters are Anthropologie and so are the polkadot napkins, a thoughtful gift from Cass at coco+kelley (thanks Cass!). You might remember the pink painting from my old home tour, and the before photos of my studio from this post. During my time in Sydney I fell head over heels in love with Aboriginal artwork and this painting by Betty Mbitjana is just one of the pieces I brought back with me. The gold table runner is a Moma find, and the black tray was part of the Neiman Marcus Target collection. I like to keep a tray on the table to corral all of the random things that end up on my dining table – like mail, sunglasses, and cameras (when you’re a blogger).
That about sums up my dining room area (oh yea, and my dying orchid makes an appearance too) and by the time I post this I will probably have rearranged it all again. Redecorating is my favorite midnight activity. It always seems like a better idea than sleep at the time. 
I hope you guys liked my ugliest-table-in-the-world transformation!
xoxo Cristina



16 Oct
Hello all, hope you had a fun weekend! I have a little recap coming up for you with what I did (and what I wore), but until then I wanted to show you this little beauty. Don’t you wish you were eating turkey and mashed potatoes at that table right now? I know I do. Although the colors are black and white (and you wouldn’t typically think of those as warm and cozy!) I found myself totally inspired by the fall feel of this dinner party. 
I posted more on this party and my picks to get the look on CamilleStyles, if you’d like to see more click here!

xo Cristina



INTERIORS:: Dining + Living

1 Mar
This dining room is lovely, but yunno what I think gives it that extra kick? 
The pink vintage movie poster.
Hot pink is just one of those colors that packs a punch every time.

And seeing as I’m in the mood for minty fresh anything, these walls are the perfect shade of minty robin’s egg blue. And the accents (the chandelier, chair, and gold frame) are absolute perfection too. 
p.s. what do we think of cow hides?
source: shelter

INTERIORS:: Black & Gold

23 Feb
Not totally my style but certainly a memorable look with the pendants and painting.
And every good room’s gotta have that memorable element to it!

INTERIORS:: Teal + Library

9 Jan

The blue teal walls of this room are divine. I find the color very moody but the touches of lime green cheer the rooms up, for example the faux bois carpet and the accent chairs. Also in love with the dual purpose library/dining room, everyone dreams of their very own library (Beauty & the Beast anyone?) but if you can’t spare a whole room just for books, then line the walls of another room with bookshelves to the same effect – like the family room, dining room, or guest room!
via thedecorista

INTERIORS:: Modern + Ornate

14 Dec

I’ve been noticing these photos of traditional, ornate architecture in modern white rooms. I love the contrast, and I think the architectural details in the photos actually transfer to the room. Great idea for an apartment!
source: shelterpop

INTERIORS:: Black & Blue (& white)

2 Dec

2 Things: Love the trunk coffee table in the first photo – of course I am partial as I too have a trunk coffee table. And 2nd, how stunning are those dining chairs? Who cares what the rest of the room looks like if you have those babies at your dining table? Right?

source: desiretoinspire