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LOOKBOOK:: Jackets + Mike&Chris

6 Jan

As I described below, I’m still craving leather & tweed despite my summer status.. but you can hardly blame me with such sick jackets on offer! Take for example this Mike&Chris collection (expertly styled here by brilliant blogger Ashley of purse ‘n boots!) I want every jacket in the lookbook!
In fact, I’m heading out to the country for the weekend and I have my fingers crossed that the higher elevation will produce a cooler clime where I can at least layer a scarf or boots to satisfy my craving.. have a fab weekend everyone!


EDITORIAL:: Perfect Outfit

6 Jan

I have to admit, I haven’t adjusted from the holidays yet. My mind is still wrapped up in the cold weather of Washington State (where I spent 2 weeks with grandparents and family and so much food). Now I’m back immersed in Sydney summer, where all the girls are walking around in their cut-offs and I’m still reaching for the leather jacket.
This outfit strikes the perfect balance: sharp leather jacket, short pleated skirt, strappy heels! Yes please

via cartoonstyles


23 Nov
Another item for the Christmas wishlist… THIS Zara jacket. It has the perfect slouch, the perfect collar (moto but not too biker chick) and some great detailing on the shoulders and pockets. And just in case you’re wondering how I’d wear it?? Here are 3 different ways.
p.s. brown please!


18 Nov
Another great leopard look with the collar buttoned all the way up, and those lips are the cherry on top!
I basically cannot get enough.


22 Oct

As excited as I am that summer is finally on its way, I’m also bummed that I don’t get to take part in the aviator trend for 2. whole. seasons. The shearling just looks soo inviting, don’t you think?
For now I’ll just have to make do with dark lipstick experimentation. Any suggestions?


13 Oct

I’m BACK! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks travelling from Sydney to Houston to Austin to LA visiting friends and family and finally attending the wedding (the point of the trip). I was somewhat deluded in thinking I could keep up with posting all the while, but here’s to a new start and maybe even some photos from the wedding!

For now, I have to admit the hardest part about switching hemispheres is that while I’m heading into summer (which I’m super excited about!) all of the clothing stores were mocking me with their furs and their leathers, and of course the boots. So here is what I’m wanting right now…


17 Aug

This one’s for my friend Chris, who so lovingly follows my blog but admits “I love braids and all but coming from a man with about 3 centimeters of hair on my head… I just cant relate”
Fair enough! Here’s some man style for you, some eye candy for me, and a trend I’m loving on both men and women right now: shearling bombers. 

                       Doesn’t the shearling collar look so warm?

source: modeman