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Studio Apartment – Before Shots!

4 Feb

Here are the before photos of my new apartment! The WHOLE thing. You’ve now seen pretty much every inch of it, all 420 square feet of it. I did a lot of extensive apartment searching and the prospects were bleak, until this one. I found it just weeks before I needed to move in and boy was I lucky. It was much smaller but I decided that what it lacked in space it made up for in height and finishes. Unlike the rest of the apartments I looked at the bathroom and kitchen were recently updated, and the vaulted ceilings sealed the deal! I’ll keep updating you on my progress, but I just wanted to post these before photos – mainly I’m just chuffed that I remembered to take them!

xoxo Cristina

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Studio Apartment Decor

31 Jan


7 Oct

Alexander Wang’s studio in Soho