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22 Jan
stools from World Market, DIY fridge magnets
DIY ceiling light, DIY bedside tables (both from Ikea)
Homemade dining table, DIY striped wall, dining chairs from Overstock
beloved shoe shelves & closet
gold sea urchins from Jayson Home
painting by Betty Mbitjana, horse head by Bitossi, jewelry tree from Urban Outfitters
West Elm shower curtain, Chanel poster from Shanghai, Gloria Petyarre painting, Howl Interiors console table
DIY bedside tables, West Elm bedspread, Fauna zebra pillow, Walmart headboard, Howl Interiors lamp
So it’s about time I post some photos of my old place (now that I’m leaving, go figure). These photos were all taken at various times throughout the year, at various stages of completion. For example the dining room is no longer that empty looking, and for quite some time those stripes painted on the wall were unfinished, blue tape and all. 
You may notice a few recurring themes, like lots of stripes and diy projects, many of which I actually took photos of but never quite made it onto the blog! Note to self: must get better about that in the new year. Anyway I hope you like these photos, I’m bidding a tearful goodbye to this space which I poured lots of love and many diy hours into. But nonetheless, many new and exciting decor adventures are to come! 
xoxo Cristina




29 Aug

 I’ve always wanted a canopy bed. Maybe it was the idea of closing off the curtains and hiding away in a dreamy cave of fabric, or maybe it’s some Disney princess complex. When I was little I would hang beach towels and bedsheets from the top bunk of my bed, and then when I was in college I lofted my bed up and created a study area underneath it (yea, I studied under my bed) so this fantasy is a long time coming.

Now with this super simple DIY by Michelle Adams, Editor in Chief of Lonny Magazine, it’s feeling almost within reach! She simply drilled West Elm Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods into her ceiling with 6 panels of her favorite fabric hanging from them. Of course she chose very fine fabric and a soft velvet as a lining, but I’d be happy with Ikea curtains!

All I need now is a bedroom where I can drill into the ceiling! Once that’s sorted, I’m totally trying this. Also, that black & white dot painting above her bed looks totally diy-able too!

xoxo Cristina




24 Jul

1. West Elm / 2. Target                                                                    

 The most common decorating issue my girlfriends have is finding decor that their boyfriends can agree to. If I had a striped shirt for every time a girl asked me this I’d have a closet full of striped shirts… oh wait. Which brings me to my next point. I have a gray and white striped shower curtain. I’ve painted my walls gray and white stripes. And I’ve also fallen in love with a certain gray and white striped duvet cover but I’m pretty sure that would be crossing some sort of line, so now I’m passing this one on to you.

The stripes are wide (read: not feminine) and it is one of the two male-approved colors (navy blue and gray)  so your boyfriend will probably say “yes! I love this duvet cover I think we should definitely get it and that papier-mache tortoise shell you’ve been eyeing at West Elm.”

No just kidding, he’ll say “what’s a duvet? …. That one’s okay.” Which is all a girl could hope for. So here are the deets – it’s from West Elm. It’s on sale. And yunno what else? I found it at Target for cheaper!  

Now answer me this, are gray & white striped walls, a gray & white striped shower curtain, and gray & white striped duvet cover too much? 
xo Cristina




21 Jun


I’m in the market for lamps for my bedside table, and I’m a bit overwhelmed – or rather, underwhelmed – by my options. Why is it, that the majority of lighting is so ugly? Frills and tassels and marabou lamp shades, it’s foul! Ok I exaggerate, there are beautiful lamps out there… I just can’t afford them! Lighting’s one of those things that I don’t want to spend money on, a lamp runs one to two hundred dollars and I need two of them! Here are three beautiful examples from the pages of Lonny, all three different types of lamps.  

Which would you choose?


SOURCE: rooms all from LONNY, lamp 1, lamp 2, lamp 3



12 Jun


You may or may not know, but I am a contributor on the lovely blog and this is a room I created for my latest post! Click here to see the inspiration and for details on all of the items.

I hope you all are having a fantastic start to your week!
xoxo Cristina



9 Feb

interiors design living room layered rugs keliminteriors design layered rugs kelim

In my dream bohemian beach house, this would be my flooring of choice.  
This also works for the (big) part of me that can never choose just one – I’ll take ’em all!

Check out the kilim rug I chose for a mid-century romantic dining room over on Camille Styles!

xo C


18 Jan
Bar carts are everywhere these days (chalk it up to Mad Men mania) but this is the first bar cart as night stand I’ve seen – brilliant!
Rue Mag Danielle Moss Jan 2012
Beautiful snapshots, all taken by Stoffer Photography
Rue Mag Danielle Moss Jan 2012
The perfect neutral couch, in my opinion the best starting off point for a well-designed living room

Rue Mag Danielle Moss January 2012

It was a big day for two of the blogs I contribute to: the January issue of Rue launched today, as expertly edited by Cass Lavalle of coco+kelley. AND Camille of Camille Styles was featured in it! Her beautiful home was also featured on Glitter Guide, big day right?

As you may have guessed this home is fresh out of the new Rue. And though you may have seen me tweeting about the much-appreciated manly design inspo in the magazine (very hard to find!) I then went and fell head over heels for this supremely feminine space – go figure. Blame it on the usual culprits, pink and gold details sprinkled throughout the home, from the bedroom the workspace and even the kitchen!

And my favorite part?

The pintuck comforter (pictured) which I got for Christmas! I was really torn between the light grey and the white, and that last photo sealed the deal on the white for me… almost. (Still love the grey)

xoxo Cristina