14 Dec

You guyyys. The CRAZIEST thing just happened! So I’ve been looking at this real estate listing over and over and emailing it to my friends and generally crushing and begging the question: 
Who lives here?? And why would they leave such a place?
Then this past weekend I happily met Austin’s Apartment Therapy writer Chris Perez, a lovely fellow who reminded me how much I used to love Apartment Therapy. It was one of the first shelter blogs I read (it was one of the first shelter blogs in existence!) back in college I could spend hours combing it for decor ideas and diys, and my favorite: before & afters. No need to describe it to you I’m sure you too have read its valuable content. So I revisited my old haunt today (especially useful now that I’m about to move) and just LOOK what I found! The exact home I’ve been style stalking and even blogging! It’s uncanny. And now I have my answer to who lives here: 
Name: Levi Dugat and Evette Richards
Location: Austin, Texas
Size: 864 square feet
Years lived in: 5 years, but they’ve owned it for almost 8 years (Levi and Evette moved down to the coast for 3 years and came back).
An artist and craftsman, Levi has not only drawn, painted and built most of this home’s decorative elements, but he’s also found a way to make it all blend into a cohesive and unique showcase for works from several artists in the community. Come stroll through this beautiful gallery of local talent and practical DIYs, before Evette and Levi say farewell to their labor of love and hello to a new home and life with their first child.
And there you have it. The blogosphere opened up and answered my question.
Thanks blogosphere.
xoxo Cristina


One Response to “A HAPPY ACCIDENT”

  1. Cecilie Hansen December 16, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    Omg, how did you change the color op the bloglovin widget?(:

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