19 Nov
Sneaking onto the track
The finish line!
And because this is a fashion blog
Best outfit I saw all day

Happy Monday! Who are we kidding, it has been especially difficult to get back to reality on this Monday dear reader. I had the most amazing weekend! For those of us who are not Formula 1 aficionados (neither was I, 24 hours ago) the inaugural U.S. Grand Prix took place yesterday here in Austin. I’ve never understood the appeal of watching cars drive in circles (56 times no less). ‘Hardly a spectator sport’ I scoffed. But sitting there with my neon orange earplugs in, ground shaking beneath my feet and the reckless speed of it all gave me quite the rush, or perhaps it was that espresso I downed right before the race. Now I know this is not a sports blog, possibly the farthest thing from it, but I should mention that there were quite a few stylish men present at this event. My favorite was this man in the last photo, he had on pink pants, was riding a fold up bike while carrying his cane, and the very  best part? Green polkadot socks. That is what I call riding in style. You better believe I will be stopping at Target to get some far more instructing socks than my plain ankle whites today. Keep an eye out for fun socks in my next outfit post.

xoxo Cristina




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