14 Nov

I’m reading a book, or I should say re-reading. A Short History of Nearly Everything. If ever you’re in search of a good read please, please read this book. It is the compelling science textbook you never read in school. It relates scientific facts in a way that is entertaining, informative and even fun! I’m not joking. You’ll learn more about our universe and our earth than you thought you could retain, but the fact that is sticking with me these last few days (especially post-birthday) is that the average human lives 650,000 hours. Why is that figure so much more substantial than saying the average human life expectancy is 75 years? Is it because as I sit here and write this with Sex and the City playing in the background a whole one hour episode will slip by without me noticing. And then I’ll have one hour less, 649,000. Just like that. (Or two hours, or four). Sometimes I wonder if sitting behind this laptop screen for hours every day is the best way to be spending my hours. Tolly of AustinEavesdropper has written some really interesting posts on getting away from the computer and back into the real world. But even when we bloggers do step away from the laptop and venture into the physical world, we spend a majority of our time documenting relentlessly with our phones, photographing, filtering, hashtagging, only to end up right back on the internet. Having said all of that, this post is about the offline things I’ve been up to. It’s a short history of nearly everything I did this month.

1 Golden polka dot sleeping things at Target / 2 Spotted Charlotte Olympia’s cat flats while on a birthday shopping trip / 3 Vintage shopping, and the perfect boots / 4 Doing candle research for my work’s new candle line / 5 Beautiful orchids at the new Zach Theater / 6 Trying out Olivia during Austin Restaurant Week  / 7 ACL Fest / 8 Discovering new flavors of Sprinkles cupcakes

xoxo Cristina

p.s. did everyone notice you can finally access instagram online? (As if we needed was one more way to plug in) 



  1. Lily November 14, 2012 at 4:53 pm #

    Love the gold polka dots and the charlotte olympias!!xxLilygoldandgray.com

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