GUEST POST:: A Royal Invitation

28 Apr

Weddings are not our usual fare here on Fuji Files but it’s hard to ignore the royal wedding bells this week (especially here in Australia where the queen is still the reigning monarch!) Seeing as weddings are not my specialty, I decided to invite my dear friend Leezar to come do a guest post for us! Leezar has her own adorable business called little leezar, where she designs custom wedding stationery invitations for any occasion. So without further ado, let’s let Leezar show us what she does best!

I create invitations, but there is one area I have not yet dipped my toe into (mostly because the machines are highly expensive and I don’t think I’d really know where to start)… Letterpress! Everything looks better with letter pressing. Letter pressing is fit for a queen. The Royal invitations had text die-stamped in gold with gilded edges and each invitation held the Queen’s royal seal letter pressed into the invitation.

At first glance at the Royal wedding invitation I was a little underwhelmed but simplicity would have to be due to the fact that they are inviting around 1,900 guests! And really what more bling do you need than the Queen’s royal seal… I take it back, simple but elegant. 
If they had chosen to contact little leezar wedding stationery through my Facebook page (hey you never know… stranger things have happened… actually no stranger things have not happened) Ok I will re-phrase, in my dream land when Kate casually posts a “we need some invitations done of the royal kind,”this is some beautiful letter pressed inspiration I would draw from…

Inspiration drawn from Poppy Letterpress, Bespoke Letterpress and various designs from Etsy  


One Response to “GUEST POST:: A Royal Invitation”

  1. Leezar April 29, 2011 at 1:31 am #

    Thanks so much for the invitation Cristina!xx

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